Yoga for children Objective

Yoga Classes for children (7-14 years)

In a Yoga class for children is through stories, songs, games and relaxation that will teach them:
Rules of how to live in society;

How to play and have fun, always with respect for others.

The child learns to breathe properly and coordinate movements with breathing and music, developing concentration. Teach the child to relax and calm using tools that will be very useful in their day-to-day, thus improving concentration and learning.

All these techniques will have a very positive effect on the child, who, in addition to all the benefits of exercise, increases self-esteem, develop a positive attitude towards life and internalizes respect for nature and for others, helping to become strong, healthy adults, emotionally intelligent and with high confidence.

Mainly, and most important of all, is that a yoga class is a fun time in which the child feels loved, respected, safe and cheerful, which undoubtedly contributes to their happiness.

Yoga for children Objective

Benefits of Yoga in Childhood

Benefits of Yoga in childhood

✓Promotes relaxation and concentration;
✓Develops creativity;
✓Stimulates self-confidence;
✓Promotes proper posture;
✓Improves physical coordination and motor;
✓Correct poor breathing patterns;
✓Balances the nervous system;
✓Strengthens the immune system;
✓Promotes discipline.

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